Where will I book stuff for return ?

This is depends upon the service you choose on time of placing order . There are two classes of shipping

1)  Class A

2) Class B



How much I have to pay at courier office ?

We already negotiated with courier partners at our best so it will be not much . For your convenience per kg rate will be around 175 Rs.

What if I product get damaged ?

In case of damages, the company will inform you of the damages and would take specific actions on retaining the deposit after receiving product back to the warehouse.

What if I lost something ( Like Hanger , Zip Bag , Jewellery Box etc ) ?

In that case first  Material needs to reach the warehouse of the company. Charges will be flat  250 Rs.

Should I pack stuff by myself ?

Yes, You Have to put all then stuff  collected  in the same containers provided by Fancyano at the time of delivery .

What if I checked product and it appears to be dirty & Damaged ?

Though we do quality checks at our end before delivery, But if you still have any issue related to this then contact us on 9950545800  so that an exchange may be arranged. Fancyano does not guarantee that the same apparel/accessory would be made available for exchange. But Remember it should be done within 3hrs after delivery accepted by you . After that none shell be entertained .

What if I didn’t checked the product at the time of delivery ?

No Worries , We already given additional 3 hrs to you , But After 3 hrs from delivery we will not refund your money in any case , however the decision of Fancyano would be considered final.

Lessee has to be present at the time of delivery ?

Yes, You Have to present lessee of agreed date and time at the specified address given to you while placing an order with Fancyano.

When my deposit will retained or deducted ?

The deposit, partially or in full, may be retained if the apparel is damaged beyond repair i.e. can’t be repaired or the cost of repairs being very high.

When my deposit amount will refund ?

The deposit, if any, is a refundable & interest free amount, at the time of confirming the order online and will be subject to refund only after successful verification of the quality of the apparel returned to Fancyano.

Should I have to pay anything to courier delivery guy ?

You only have to pay if it is written of the proforma invoice of  Fancyano deliverd to you at the time of delivery.

What are the categories for which custom fitting is done?

For Men Category like Indo-western, Sherwani. For Girls Category like Lahenga, Gown , Indo-western

For Fancy Dresses no custom fitting will be done.

How are measurements taken for custom fitting?

We do have an alternative to give measurements on email ( fancyano23@gmail.com )or you can give it to us on Whats app  ( 9950545800 ) also

Can I alter the dress myself at home?

We have strict policies against customers doing any alterations at home. Each outfit is handled with tremendous care by the Fancyano team to ensure our customers have the best experience and hence we prefer to work on all alterations ourselves. If we find an outfit has been altered we’ll have to impose the following penalties:
Ethnic Wear: If Security Deposit is charged on the product, then it will be deducted, otherwise we reserve the right to ask the customer to buy the item under consideration.
Western Wear: We’ll have to ask you to purchase the outfit under consideration.

What if I have size and fit issues?

We’d advise you to see the size guide present along with each outfit. If you are still in doubt, then you

can call us on 02946055800 or email us on fancyano23@gmail.com

Will I need to iron the dress myself?

Creases are ugly- we know! We steam iron every outfit right before dispatch to remove any possible

creases. Do hang it up carefully once you receive it and just slip the dress before the event. Since we

only use non contact steam ironing on our outfits by experts to prevent iron marks, we strictly advice that

you don’t iron the outfit yourself.

But in case if creases not look good then you can take it to an steam expert and let him do his part.

Do I need to dry clean the dress myself before or after wearing?

No need for this, dry cleaning is always on us! We deliver the dress to you in perfect condition for you to

just slip it on and dazzle. You do not need to dry clean the dress before returning it either! We mean it

when we say we’re hassle free fashion at your doorstep.

How do you ensure hygiene?

At Fancyano customer delight is everything and we hold ourselves to very high hygiene standards. We

have partnered with international laundry experts to ensure each outfit is properly dry cleaned before

being delivered to a customer.